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Top pick-ups for foreign cuisine during your London trip

Except for finding budget-friendly accommodation in holiday rentals in London, you will also need to consider the nutrition during your trip. And since you are on vacation, reconciling with fast food doesn’t sound very attractive or nice. Instead, you can find some cheaper holiday apartments in London to save money. With them you can visit the most delicious and stylish restaurants here. Check out the top pick-ups for foreign cuisine during your London trip. Do not miss to try at least few of them:

  • Afghan cuisine. If your short term rentals in London are nearby Rayners Lane, Harrow, visit the Maiwand Restaurant. The Afghan meals such as Kabuli rice and aubergine with yogurt will make you feel as you are in the most exotic spot in London. Plus, the cheap prices will amaze you!
  • African food. Want to try some of the weirdest meals on the planet? Then, Souk Medina London is just for you. Here, you can eat in an awesome thematic atmosphere and taste dishes like hummus, stuffed vine leaves and lamb with tzatziki.
  • Caribbean. And how about feeling as you are on a hot island, while being on the UK Island? In case your holiday apartments in London are nearby Kentish Town Road, Camden, visit the mango Room!
  • Japanese. Safe for traditional sushi ritual, the Tsuru at the Mansion House in Queen Street Bank offers you wonderful handmade gyoza, shochu and wonderful list of rare wine sorts.
  • Thai. Booked some short term rentals in London in Bloomsbury? Then, visit the Thai Dream. Your most delicious dreams will come true here and the attendance is known as one of the best in neighborhood.
  • Eastern Europe. We will offer you the Crazy Cock Bulgarian Mehana, because it offers crazy price list of the best meals such as soups, baked meat and yummy salads. Find it on the High Road, Willesden.
  • Venezuelan. We end up with some really exotic offer for you. Just in case holiday rentals in London is somewhere on the way to Crystal Palace, enter the Mi Cocina Es Tuya.

Every holiday is connected with some new cuisine test. And when you are in London, you can try so many of them!

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