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Top expensive attractions in London

According to the statistics London has been registered as the 17th top expensive city in the world. This fact does make it quite costly for both – living and visiting. However, when it comes to spend your vacation, booking expensive holiday apartments in London might not be the best idea for you – especially if you want to visit all the top expensive attractions in London. Feeling intrigued? Well, check them out now and see if you are ready to pay less for short term rentals in London, but to visit the most amazing local amenities and sights:

  • Buckingham Palace. It isn’t just the most popular attraction, but also one of the most expensive ones in London. The ticket is roughly 17 pounds and if you can count correctly, it might cost you half of the daily stay in the top holiday rentals in London, too!
  • Westminster Abbey. The entrance costs you almost the same amount of money, but to be honest this expensive London attraction does worth it. Travelers usually see where Elizabeth 1st has resided, as well as the 3000 and even more tombs.
  • If you have some cheap short term rentals in London in mind, spend the rest of the money to get in the Tower of London. The ticket costs you 17 pounds, but the tour shows you a whole library, a royal palace and an entire armory.
  • You would be lucky, if your holiday rentals in London are near the local zoo. London Zoo isn’t just expensive, but getting there might cause you some additional stress and long-lasting traveling across the city streets. Though, the kids just love spending time here and a ticket of about 20 pounds isn’t that much!
  • London Eye is an expensive UK attraction, too. It costs about 18 pounds and what you get is only a view. You need to admit that this view is priceless, though. However, an ordinary tourist realizes it afterwards – especially if he compares it to expensive holiday rentals in London.

Expensive or not, London is a top destination to visit! And if you visit its most wanted and appreciated sights, you will become a little bit richer – in a cultural manner!

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