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Top 5 London galleries to visit during your stay in the city

Even though London might be described as the city with many faces, its cultural one always admires most of the tourists. Visiting English capital is more than trilling experience full of unexpected feelings and many spots which are ready to surprise you. Once you book your holiday apartment in London and make a huge list of must visit attractions don’t miss to add the following amazing art galleries:

Tate Modern –located on the South Bank of Thames and connected to the St Paul’s Cathedral by the Millenium Bridge this gallery could offer to its visitors amazing collection of modern art masterpieces. Over the years Tate Modern became more and more popular attraction art lovers from all around the world.

Tate Britain is another art gallery which is part of the so called Tate circle. Located on Millbank Tate Britain is more a place where all the visitors could enjoy an old collections of British art.

Serpentine Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and inspiring of all the art places in London. Located in Kensington Gardens and overlooking the famous Hyde Park, Serpentine Gallery gathers one of the most vibrant and freaky pieces of contemporary art ever created.

Proud Galleries is one of the top names when it comes to photographic gallery. With a huge collection of incredible press coverage and strong focus on cutting edge photography walking around the Proud Galleries halls will certainly leave you breathless.

The Courtauld Gallery is a place which will carry you back in time till the edge of the Renaissance. Here you can find greatest collection of prints, drawings as well as Impressionist paintings.

After a long tour covering all these art galleries you will certainly feel amazing at the end of the day when you get back to your London short term rental.

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