Inspiring holiday ideas and things to do during you stay in London

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Spend your money in London

Whether you have just booked the best short term rentals in London at a very attractive price and with a very nice bunch of extras, or you are about to arrive in London with no plan, but a desire for having lots of fun only, we would like to give you some hints. Take our pieces of advice as beneficial cost-free tips for spending your money in London and have the time of your life! As a matter of fact, London has a lot to show and as usual, the most expensive attractions here are the most memorable and amazing, too! It is just like with any other tourist destination and with any other holiday rentals in London, too! So, are you ready for some awesome days in London with a solid budget for your vacation? Let’s get started with a plan at first:

  • First of all, find the most exclusive, convenient and gorgeous holiday apartments in London! We know that a vacation is not only the short term rentals in London, but they are part of it, as well. Besides, who doesn’t spend the holiday of their life without feeling the Baroque-styled authentic atmosphere of a classical modern 5-star accommodation in England?
  • Staying in the hotel during the entire day is the last thing we can recommend you to do in London. Go out, because life here is in full swing and you need to feel it, too. Go have the richest lunch ever by visiting one of the best local rooftop bars – for example, the famous for its flamingos and exotic citrus fruits Roof Gardens or the Skylounge that gives you the best London view ever.
  • Go back to the area of your holiday rentals in London and ask the hotel stuff for a London guide. Mark all the paid museums and galleries and start going them about. Of course, there are lots of sights you can see for free in London, but think about this – if some gallery charges you, doesn’t it show the best of the world of art?
  • Besides the attractions, the restaurants and the 5-star holiday apartments in London, there is something else that is very expensive here – the night life! The English capital is one of the best European cities that offer amazing cocktail bars, casinos, discos and live stages with any kind of music genre! Visit them, too!

So, what do you think? Would you spend your money in this quite charming city?


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