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Victoria Station London

Things to know about the public transport in London

Considered as the one of the best in Europe, London urban transport has many challenges and adventures, as well as affordable ways for getting from A to B (or from your holiday apartments in London to a particular amenity). This definitely means that before going to your trip and right after booking the short term rentals in London, you will need to make your transportation research. Instead of wasting your valuable time, check out the most common and important things to know about public transport in London:

  • Victoria Station. Once you get on any of London airports, almost any route begins from this station. Wherever your holiday rentals in London are, you will need to get there at first. Do not forget that.
  • London Tube. London underground, Metro, Subway or whatever you call it in your local region, is named Tube. Keep in mind something else about it. London Tube is served by 12 Tube lines. This is the fastest and the cheapest public transportation method. Children and students use discounts here – just like in most of the holiday short term rentals in London.
  • Buses in London. Being the most preferred means of transportation in the world, buses are available in London. They are the top priorities for you, when you go sightseeing. Also, use them when you get out of your holiday rentals in London to reach a fancy restaurant or a sight to visit.
  • Local trains. They travel across the entire city. Also, the railway is extended beyond the Tube. Local people use the trains to get to the airport mostly.
  • London Trams. If your holiday apartments in London are somewhere in the area of South London or between Croydon, New Addington, Wimbledon and Beckenham, use the trams. They are very frequent and accessible.
  • Taxi. As to the accessibility and budget-friendliness, they aren’t the best shots you have. Though, if want an iconic London trip, get on the traditional London black cab for fun.

Always make a route before going to London. It will save you both – money and time.

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