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Interesting facts about London

London is a very curious place with ancient history. Though, it’s a desirable destination for many people around the world, the English capital remains a mystery. Here are some interesting facts about the city that even Londoners don’t know. Check them out and be really informed. Keep in mind, that if you decide to verify this information on site, there are lots of holiday apartments in London. Are you already curious? Continue reading:

  • London is the ninth largest city in the world. It was founded by the Romans in AD ’43, as a military camp named Londinium during the Roman conquest of Britain led by Emperor Claudius. Modern London is formed by the merging of two cities – London and Westminster. The city has become really gorgeous through the years, so don’t miss to book a holiday rental in London and to explore the tourist attractions here.
  • London is among the top fifty cities in the world, where street lighting was introduced in 1684.
  • If you think that Big Ben in London is a tower with a clock, you are wrong. Big Ben is called also the 13 ton bell, and the tower itself is famous as St. Stephen’s Tower. If this is your favourite place, ensure yourself one of the various short term rentals in London without any hesitations!
  • Do you know that Buckingham Palace was built in 1702? This is the official residence of the Queen. Previously, at the same place there was a hovel. You can hardly find a tourist who has visited London, but not the famous Buckingham Palace. Most foreigners choose the comfort and the central location of London holiday apartments and go straight to this impressive monument.
  • 25% of modern London residents were born in other countries. The capital is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Remember that once you come here, you are offered a wide range of landmarks to visit.
  • 16% of all restaurants in England are situated in London. After Paris, this is the city with the most luxurious restaurants in the world. When you add the numerous short term rentals in London, you have to make your booking without any doubts.
  • In the British capital there are more than 100 theatres. Four of the sites in the world heritage, are located in London. These are the Palace of Westminster (parliament building), Tower, Greenwich and the Royal Botanic Garden.
  • In 1863 the first subway in the world was built. It is in London and is called the “Tube.”
  • London Bridge, which passes over the River Thames, is known to have been destroyed and restored twice. For the first time it was demolished and built in 1136. Then, in the 18th century, it was declared unnecessary. In 1824, however, was finally built. Funds for its restoration amounted to 168 million dollars (current).
  • London Eye is the most popular and highly paid attraction in London. You’d love the wonderful view from the little cabins. Moreover – there are some really good looking London holiday apartments in this area.
  • The British Museum is dedicated to the history and culture from the beginning of the world until now. Its collections totaled more than 7 million objects. The museum was built in 1753 and a major contribution to its development has the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane.

Now you now London better. If your curiosity for a trip to London is already provoked, hurry up to get a ticket and of course browse the web for inexpensive and comfy holiday rentals in London!

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