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London Trip Program

How to Organise a 1-day London Trip Program

London is a top tourist destination of all time. It does not become boring or non-popular with the years, but on the contrary – according to the researches, the booked holiday apartments in London, as well as all the searches for short term rentals in London become more and more with the years. Plus – who doesn’t like London and does want to come back here once again even though he (she) has already been here with super budget-friendly London holiday rentals deal and saw each landmark? On the other side, getting to London for the first time might become a total challenge. You will definitely feel like a tourist sightseeing dummy, when you arrive in the English capital, so it could be better to plan everything in advance. Thus, you will not miss anything important and you will stay in certain budget. We have decided to give you some tips and guidelines that will teach you how to organise a 1-day London trip program. You think, it is impossible, but actually it is:

  • Book short term rentals in London in thelast minute. Why? Because all the holiday rentals in London that are booked for the next two days are always cheaper and very affordable.
  • Make a list with all the things you want to see. Try to categorise them by their location. For instance – see Big Ben, Tower Bridge in the central part and see the next landmarks in the area of the Westminster Abbey.
  • Conduct your cultural tour to the location of your holiday apartments in London. This will make you save some time and maybe – money, too. See what the closest pub, authentic English restaurant and large student’s fast food chain (this is part of London’s customs, too) are.
  • Equip yourself with a map, a person, who speaks English at an advanced level and a large knapsack. Instead of returning to your holiday apartments in London every time you need something, simply grab most of your baggage with yourself during your trip!

We wish you super nice and unforgettable time in London! Do not forget to tell us more about it, too!


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