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Get the benefit of the theatre plus accommodation offer in London

Looking for some really budget-friendly and attractive offers for holiday rentals in London? Have an urgent need of a suggestion for short rentals in London? Forget about looking for accommodation right after your arrival and quit the search of 4-star hotels that do not worth their prices. We have a better and more intriguing offer for you – get the benefit of the theatre plus accommodation offer in London. See more details about this extra awesome deal right away:

  • The initiative that gives you the chance to see one of the best and most popular live acting performances in an authentic English theatre right in the capital plus – having provided holiday apartments in London nice hotels is not a new one. It has started as a Super Break tourist program, but today many other web sites offer such wonderful deals.
  • The best part of the theatre plus accommodation offer is that the theatre performances aren’t particular settings. No – you can choose any performance that is listed in the current theatre programs for London. And as you know, the public theatres in London are numerous. So do the holiday rentals in London.
  • Speaking of the provided accommodation, mostly the offers give short term rentals in London that could be with a maximum duration of 3 days. Of course, the Super Break initiative cannot give a larger period since its purpose is to encourage the theatre visitations and to improve the cultural habits of the local people in England.
  • The holiday apartments in London, which are provided by the Super Break are various. Depending on your budget and your personal preferences, you can choose both – budget-friendly offers and some really luxurious hotels with 4 or 5 starts as a category. Most of the offers for accommodation are combined with a breakfast included in the final price for the deal.

So, choose your favourite theatre performance and watch it in the royal city of London! In addition, you receive a super cosy accommodation in one of the neatest hotels here! Wonderful deal, isn’t it?


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