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How to fuse in London crowd without looking like a tourist

While you were browsing the web for some affordable holiday rentals in London, you might have seen some comments about the local life. It is very possible for you to have found out that London might be not only exciting, but also too dynamic, busy and sometimes scary. As in any other large capital across the world, London has its risky crime rate. And when you are a tourist, you are a top victim. Keep this in mind and don’t underestimate it, because you have to take the precautionary measures. See now how to fuse in London crowd without looking like a tourist. This isn’t only about your safety! You will also avoid that weird look any tourist receives:

  • Know the language. Even though English has been an international language for communication in any country, we still feel obligated to warn you. Don’t expect no one to answer you in Spanish, French or German, while you are checking in your short term rentals in London.
  • Be well informed where exactly you are going. In past, maps and asking people were key elements for orientation in a foreign city. Though, they were also top signs you are a tourist, who cannot find his holiday apartments in London. Today, you have online maps, phones, Google Street View, so you have no excuse to get lost immediately.
  • Stick to good manners. English people, including Londoners are polite and kind. Words like “Thank you”, “dear, love” or “Have a nice day” are spoken out of habit. Try to stick to them, too. So, when you receive your keys for the holiday rentals in London, express your gratitude, too.
  • Look like Londoner. Is there any person that hasn’t heard of London Fashion Street Week? If you haven’t checked it out, do it now. See what the local outfit style is here.
  • Try to avoid the crowd. Indeed, you should better go sightseeing and stay in your cosy holiday rentals in London, when it’s raining. The more you push yourself into Londoners’ busy day, the more they will hate you.

Last, but not least, once you get to your short term rentals in London, speak to the staff. Hotel employees will be always glad to give you some hints for London life, too!

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