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Free day out for families in London

Going with the entire family for a vacation in London could be quite tough for your budget. Finding some decent and affordable holiday apartments in London – even if you are looking for some really short term rentals in London – could become a huge problem. Prices are yet not that high, but the great interest towards London becomes huger and huger. This makes it harsh to seek for the most suitable holiday rentals in London and eventually you will have little money for activities, sightseeing, dining and etc. Don’t worry – you can make some savings from an entire day. Follow our guide for a free day out for families in London and have the best time of your life without being even charged:

  • Take the benefits of your morning breakfast from your short term rentals in London to be fed up, while you are going about among the streets. If you have some snacks leftover the previous night treating, make some sandwiches. Take them, an umbrella and some toys for the kids (if they are little) and leave your holiday rentals in London for a free sightseeing. Most of the popular London attractions are free of charge – Big Ben, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey and etc.
  • Kew Garden is one of the newest kid’s attractions in London. Ask the hosts of your holiday apartments in London to direct and take your children to a wonderful afternoon full of games, quizzes and crowds of coevals.
  • The National Museums in London are mostly free of charge and it is the right time for you to make kids love and want to hear about the British history. What could be better than watching your children’s curious eyes that ask for more – knowledge, not sweets!
  • Peter Pan is children’s most favorite hero and London has its own statue, too! Make a nice walk through the busy streets of London for checking on the local fashion sales and take your kids to see the Stone London’s Peter Pan.
  • Spend the night with some cinema experience by visiting the Mediatheque – the largest outdoor London movie arena. It is free of charge and it is devoted to BFI’s extensive collection!
  • Kids love animals and if yours also do, take it to one of London’s farms. Most of them are free of charge. Besides, the nature is always inspiring and entertaining, when you are on a vacation.

So, do you still think that London charges you for having fun? Not all the time, does it?


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