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First things you need to know before finding a job in London

London becomes more and more attractive destination for both – sightseeing plus vacation and removal plus finding a job. And if the first occasion for travelling to London takes only finding affordable luxurious holiday apartments in London or super cheap and budget-friendly short term rentals in London, the second one requires a more solid and strict organisation. There are lots of tasks you need to care of before moving to London. Though, we would like to mention you the first things you need to know before finding a job in London. See them right now and prepare your personal plan according to them:

  • If you move to London in late autumn, accommodation in holiday rentals in London could be very cheap for you even though you are not a tourist, who wants to spend money, but on the contrary – earn some extra savings here. On the other side, avoid settling down in holiday apartments in London in summer and winter, when the tourism reaches record numbers.
  • Finding short term rentals in London is also a good idea, because lots of the local employers are ready to find you a place to live in, while you are working here. So, save some money for short vacation and staying in London before the real job starts and you can earn for your own living.
  • Speaking of holiday apartmentsin London, the first jobs you might be offered are closely connected to tourism. London is a great place for people, who can cook, clean, prepare exotic cocktails and work in the private services, too!
  • Before getting to London, see if your nationality requires a visa. Of course, if you come from EU, you will not need one, but other documents will be needed – make sure you have them all.
  • Check out how it goes with the national UK income taxes – you must pay for them regardless your nationality.
  • Find information about the national minimum wage for different jobs, as well as the local offices and agencies for recruitment, too.
  • Call your friends or familiar people, who live here – they are already local in London and they will be your best assistants in finding a job. They could even help you to find a short term rental in London.
  • Browse the web for job and call the numbers the potential employers have left.

Good luck and be patient – London might be very beautiful, but when it comes to job search, every city has lots of limitations to its emigrants.


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