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London citizens

What to expect from London citizens?

Going to a London trip soon? Reserved the holiday apartments in London already? Or thinking of some shorter trip accompanied with affordable short term rentals in London? Want to know the nature of the local people out there? No problem! We will give you few tips that will help you how to behave and act with London citizens. If you have already reserved your favourite deal for holiday rentals in London, the rest is to know how to behave with London guys, right? Plus – as an extra bonus, we will tell you more about what to expect from London citizens. Though, let’s say it from the beginning – no matter what you have heard about the London guys, they are people, too – just like you!

  • Even though being described as cold, they are helpful. The thing, though, is that you need to be quite polite and kind – if you ask them for a way to a particular landmark in London, for instance. Do not expect the warmness of the Spanish people, however, London citizens will never pass you, if you ask for a help nicely. Keep this in mind, when you book holiday rentals in London, too!
  • Traditionalists. Everything that bothers the local cultural and historical customs will harm their dignity. You need to respect their land and their city, as well as their lifestyle. If you try to mix their perfectly arranged day, London people will become really angry. So, no matter how cheap your deal for holiday apartments in London is, do not forget about the tips!
  • Always in a rush. In case you are yet, kind and polite, there is yet a chance for a London guy not to pay attention on your question or greeting. Though, this could be due to the busy life London citizens are obliged to follow. Do not take to close to your heart, but show some understanding.
  • Socratic irony. Lots of English people describe London guys as people, who pretend to know nothing, but indeed being quite knowledgeable. Keep in mind this typical feature of London guys and be prepared that they may mess around with you – though in a good, funny way!
  • Attentive to the details. Described as quite pedantic, London citizens do not make compromises with neglected appearance or a half-done job. They are very careful in everything they do and perfection is put on a pedestal by them. This is, by the way, a good feature, when it comes to reserving short term rentals in London – you will know all the extras and the weak points of the particular hostel or hotel!

Just like all other people across the world, London citizens can be really friendly, nice and kind – you just need to show the same attitude, as well!


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