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Brick Lane Market London

The most exciting open air markets in London

The holiday apartments in London aren’t the only attractive spots to check and visit during your tour among the British capital. You can have wonderful time here in London and spend it on a budget, if you let yourself make a small compromise with the short term rentals in London to book. If the holiday rentals in London are cheap enough, you might get the opportunity to visit the most exciting local open air markets. Check out the top markets in London and include some of them in your sightseeing plan:

  • Borough Market – being the paradise for food, gourmet shopping lists and for the most acclaimed local cooks, you can find almost anything here. Consisting about 70 stands and stalls, the market shows the most delicious, healthy and tasteful meat, vegetables, seaside food, milk products, fruits and sweets!
  • Brick Lane Market. If your holiday rentals in London are nearby it, check this market out and we guarantee you will be amazed. The Brick Lane Market offers a large abundance of clothes, shoes, antiques and so many weird things that you will not even believe you can buy some of them anywhere else in the world!
  • Broadway Market. Being one of the oldest local markets, it is located nearby the crowd of the most popular and budget-friendly short term rentals in London. The guests are welcomed to choose what they need or just like – from commercial clothing outfits to strange gift ideas, household appliances and crafts.
  • Columbia Road Flowers. As our last suggestion, this London open air market is devoted to plant and flower lovers. If your London apartment is close to Columbia Road, come and to see this exotic shopping area by all means. There are lots of independent shops – about 60 – and several art galleries to check!

Now when you know the top open air markets in London, you can skip the boring and ordinary shopping tour through the malls and boutiques. Instead – check out the authentic market shopping at the outdoors – among the crowds and the fascinating fuss!


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