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Entertainment experts in London tell you where to have a bite

In case your holiday apartments in London are chosen and booked, plus – you have reserved a flight ticket – there is nothing else left to consider about your upcoming London trip! As a matter of fact, no – there is one more thing you need to think about. Besides the short term rentals in London, food and drink part is also an important part of your future trip. Well, there is no need to worry, because one of the most well-known entertainment experts in London will tell you where to have a bite. Don’t worry – these aren’t expensive options only, which will cost more than your holiday rentals in London!

  • It’s mandatory to visit a gastro pub. How can you prove your London visit if you haven’t even drunk some local beer with some baked meat in a pub? Experts recommend you The Pantechnicon, which has been situated in an old authentic house since 1830. If your holiday apartments in London are near the Old Town, go to the fantastic The Jam Tree- Clapham Pub.
  • Visit an ice-cream shop. Here, no matter where your short term rentals in London are placed, you will see lots of cute and stylishly arranged pastry shops with ice-cream delicacies. What we recommend you, though, is Riley The Ice Cream Café. It combines modern and old-fashioned practices in ice cream preparation or the Amorino, where Italian taste and English tradition join together to give the best delicious experience ever!
  • If you are seeking for gluten-free restaurants, don’t worry, London has lots of them. As a matter of fact, some of the holiday rentals in London are accompanied with restaurants, where such healthy food is also offered. Though, we really recommend you to go for a walk and to find the Nopi restaurants. Its menu will definitely amaze you with its large abundance!
  • Last, but not least, if you are too pretentious about your food, we will name you some of the best new and reputable London restaurants. Check out May Fair Kitchen, where taste is all about simplicity, the royal One Kensington or the Arabic Bar and Kitchen with a super talented Arabic chef.

Feeling some hunger after these tips? Go take some fresh air from the London streets and have a bite in some of the local great restaurants!

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