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Millennium Bridge London

An educational tutorial for some of the most popular London bridges

In case you have already made your reservation for some affordable holiday apartments in London, it is high time for you to get some education, as well! You need to admit – sleeping in top holiday rentals in London is only part of the preparation for the big visit of the British capital. And what else could be more fantastic than getting a quick history class from us? See our educational tutorial for some of the most popular London bridges and consider which ones are really worth it to be visited during your upcoming England trip:

  • The Millennium Bridge, which has been officially opened on 10th of June in 2000 year, is actually more popular with another name among the local Londoners. Even though you aren’t such and you’re here for few days in short term rentals in London, you might hear the nickname, too – the Wobbly Bridge. This responds to the problem that one of the newest British bridges has – it does wobble, because too many people cross it at the same time almost all the time!
  • Back in 1971, the US oil company – McCullough has bought the London Bridge for about 1 million pounds. Even though the legends here and out there in America have been claiming that the company representatives used to be lied for buying the Tower Bridge, these are everything else, but not the truth. The buyers were given plans and drawings, so they knew what they were getting.
  • If you stay for longer in some of the holiday rentals in London, you may hear the story about the Southwark Bridge, too. Right after the first foundation stone was laid – on 23rd of March in 1815 year – a notice was written for the beginning of the building process. The words claimed that it was the time of the most expensive and long-lasting war UK took part in. It turned out that the bridge became a “fortune teller”, because only few weeks later the Battle of Waterloo took place.
  • Do not miss to visit the Blackfriars Bridge – even if you have booked short term rentals in London. This bridge is covered with mysterious myths and stories, too. One of the darkest ones connects the bridge with the strange and unexplained (yet!) death of Roberto Calvi, Chairman of the Vatican’s Bank. He was actually found hanging from the Blackfriars Bridge.
  • And if you plan to see everything – including plain things – during your stay at the holiday rentals in London, check out the Lambeth Bridge, too. It was Charles Dickens, who has described it as the ugliest one in UK.

As you can see the local landmarks in London are much more intriguing than any other holiday rentals in London, so spend your time in sightseeing, but not in hotel occupying!


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