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Notting Hill Carnival in London

Don’t miss the Notting Hill Carnival this summer in London

All the holiday rentals in London this summer will be quickly reserved since the annual Notting Hill Carnival is spoken to be massive, awesome and unforgettable! If you plan a trip to the British capital or you have already made a reservation for some truly budget-friendly holiday apartments in London in the end of August, attend the festival, because it will even worth it more than the traditional sightseeing tour across landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and etc. Hands up, party people, because the fabulous Notting Hill Carnival is something you should not miss for anything in life. Even if you have already decided to spend the summer vacation somewhere else, consider the fest, too and find short term rentals in London immediately!

  • Since 1964 the annual Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the Caribbean culture, tradition, lifestyle, food and muss in the most amazing way! Become a part of this unbelievably awesome experience of dancing, drinking, smiling and getting close to the exotic customs of the island life!
  • Just like in any other year, the famous Notting Hill Carnival will take part from 24th to 25th August. Most of the programs shows of this event are for free, so you can have a lot of fun for a budget-friendly sum. Besides, the 2-day event will give you a chance to find a terrific offer or voucher for short term rentals in London, too!
  • Try to seek for holiday apartments in London near the exciting Notting Hill Carnival, which will take place at the National Panorama Competition and the Emslie Horniman Pleasance Park, too!
  • The Saturday part of the funny Notting Hill Carnival is devoted to the free experience of costume programs, food degustation, music performances and even competitions, where you can win some money prizes and cover the expenses of the holiday rentals in London, for instance.
  • Sunday part of Notting Hill Carnival opens with even more music and drummers. Also, it has kids’ part and great suggestions for family activities.

Come and see the biggest European open air festival ever – the Notting Hill Carnival!

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