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Royal Botanic Gardens

Discovering London heritage in 3 days

London has that vast and impressive historical and cultural heritage that anyone wants to see at least once in a lifetime! Probably, these sites are the top reasons for fighting for the most attractive holiday rentals in London. Indeed, besides the fancy holiday apartments in London, you can also enjoy a great UNESCO-oriented and royal-styled tour to remember forever. We have gathered for you some tips about discovering London heritage in 3 days. Short term rentals in London will be great opportunities for such a marvellous tour:

  • Tower of London. Exploring the royal palace the fortress of the native home to the Crown Jewels, you can dive into the traditional London atmosphere. You can begin with this sight, but do it right after you arrive at your holiday rental in London. 3 days aren’t that many to see all the royal beauty in the British Capital.
  • Big Ben. As the symbol of the town you cannot miss it. And to make this historical tour a bit more contemporary, have a selfie in front of the British emblem.
  • House of Parliament. Once you enter this brilliant building, even your fancy holiday apartments in London will look plain and poor. Combining an entire millennium of British history, this sight is a top sight in UK.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens. Do not miss them for anything in life. They are emblematic, too, because old royal families have that special affinity to gardens. And Royal Botanic Gardens is the peak of their attainments.
  • Greenwich Park. Speaking of greenery and nature, the Greenwich Park is symbolical since it is the oldest local royal park. It has a small herd of deer, as well as many outstanding sweeping scenery views alongside the Thames River.
  • National Maritime Museum Greenwich. By the way, if your short term rentals in London are placed somewhere near Greenwich, this is the other sight you need to see by all means. The museum is devoted to the Prince Frederick golden barge, the traditions in UK maritime, as well as the old romantic times.
  • Westminster Abbey. The home of kings, queens, literature geniuses and heroes will embrace you with that authentic sense of being right here, in the great territory of London.

Make your 3-day London program organised enough, so you will have the chance to see all of these amazing attractions.

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