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How to combine business and pleasure during a London visit

Do you remember the last time you have booked some short term rentals in London due to business meeting? Then, the only leisure time you had was the early breakfast in the hotel before going back home? Even though the meeting was quite fantastic and totally successful, you might be probably still regretting for not going sightseeing or having fun for at least an hour in London. Naturally, this is understandable, but it will become a fatal mistake if you do it again. So, before making a reservation for your future holiday rentals in London (for business, not for vacation, of course), consider our tips. All of them will help you find out how to combine business with pleasure during a London visit:

  • When you book the holiday apartments in London, consider their location precisely. Besides the closeness to the business, the hotel might be also quite close to a landmark you really want to see.
  • Keep in mind that staying in luxurious holiday rentals in London is a kind of a vacation, too. So, in case your schedule is managed to the last second and there is no chance for you to have a nice walk along London streets, treat yourself in the hotel. Go to its a-la-carte restaurant or have a romantic night on the rooftop sky bar.
  • Spend more time in travelling, but see all the sights in London. If you have at least one extra hour, don’t use taxis, but get on a sightseeing bus tour to reach the appointment. During the travel you can see lots of the local most known landmarks.
  • Don’t waste time on the airport or in the short term rentals in London you have reserved. The faster you skip the details of your stay, the more leisure time you will have at the end. Thus, you may succeed in getting some extra time for sightseeing right before the flight.
  • Take your personal assistant. Why not? First of all, she might be dying to see London, too! And if you are together, you can manage in completing the tasks faster. For example, she can fill all that papers in the holiday apartments in London, while you are on the meeting. Later, when you are done with your tasks, you may go and have fun!

Use our guides and don’t forget that any well done job is not worth it, if you don’t celebrate it later!


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