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Getting closer to nature – London sightseeing original ideas

You need do admit that London vacation isn’t only about reserving the most reputable and glamorous holiday apartments in London, making a selfie at Big Ben and getting drunk in a local pub. London has a large amount of amazing sights and missing them would be quite disappointing. And as we said, besides the awesome holiday rentals in London and a tour to all the well-known landmarks such as The Eye and The Westminster Abbey, you can also see the local natural sights. Are you now thrilled and determined to get closer to London nature? Well, check on our ideas and consider them before making your reservation to short term rentals in London for your holiday:

  • Virginia Water. Located on the outskirts of Greater London (where, by the way, holiday apartments in London are quite on a budget and cheap), this brilliant natural sight will evoke your romantic feelings and desires for beauty. The sight has been gathering thousands of visitors since 18th century and its biodiversity along with the fresh air and the fascinating landscape, the Virginia Water is definitely an original and different idea for spending lovely time in London.
  • The Valley gardens. It covers about 250 acres along the northern shore of Virginia Water. So taking the advantage of the nearby low-cost short term rentals in London, you may actually see both natural sights in one single day. The Valley gardens will fascinate you with their amazing cultivated natural landscapes, as well as all the rare species. The most popular among them are the chestnut and Scots pine trees, as well as azaleas, exotic oaks and many more.
  • River Thames. It will be close to any holiday rentals in London and it is an emblematic sight you must visit in London. The river is historically valuable for the local citizens and its cultural traditions and customs has been dating since the Roman epoch. You can have a boat trip and even visit the Thames Barrier, too!

So, what do you think? Are these natural attractions worth it as much as Big Ben?

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