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Chasing the graffiti street art of London

Nowadays graffiti and the street art are more like synonyms and not two different things.  Even though street art and modern art culture are gaining more and more popularity all over the world, London is still one of the top spots where you can enjoy remarkable graffiti masterpieces.  Part of the urban face of the modern city, London graffiti art could be called the “gold of the street life and culture”.

Hunting the most trilling and remarkable street art paintings we gathered the top spots in London where every graffiti lover should go. Besides if you prefer to rent a holiday apartment in London for your stay, it is even better, as you can find a great deals somewhere close to those top spots.

The East London and to be more specific Brick Lane, Hertford Unions canal and Shoreditch are like paradise for graffiti tour. In order to see it all better rent a bike or if you are not in a hurry enjoy the surroundings on foot. The area is a great choice for short term rental in London due to its Saturday market and many bars and shops near.

Not far from Waterloo station is a Leake Street a really iconic place for all the graffiti culture. Being one of the few places where you can paint legally it attracts not just hundreds of street art artists, weird people but also tourists and lovers of modern art.

Trellick Tower in Kensington used to be also a must see spot however recently there is not much left to be seen there, may be just the bottom of the street where are the graffiti writers are trying to keep the quality in return of quantity.

The last but not the least Stockwell Park which offers enough space for everyone who wants to paint of course not quite legally, but you still can show your piece art to the world, on your responsibility of course.        


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