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Best landmarks to see in London during summer

Travelling to London for sightseeing in summer is a great adventure. You get an awesome chance to see the local top landmarks and feel the national superb atmosphere. Meanwhile, the warm and sometimes even hot weather in the British capital will provide you an extra possibility for a walk, taking nice photos with friends and managing even an entire trip across the fascinating streets and marvellous districts in London. On the other side, there are several primary spots you need to visit on mandatory before going anywhere else to spend amazing time in London. See the best landmarks to see in London during summer now and arrange your trip here, as well as the reservation for holiday apartments in London:

  • Big Ben – it could be a total sin if you forget making a selfie photo towards the Big Ben Tower in London. Make sure you do it if you do not want to end with a failed London tour. And missing the Big Ben is a total failure. Even if you are here for a short time and you made a reservation for short term rentals in London.
  • Tower Bridge – speaking of towers, this is the top tower to see in London. As a matter of fact, the most expensive holiday rentals in London are with the Tower Bridge view. This is the real proof for the giant notability of this tourist sight.
  • House of Parliament. If you want to get close to the authentic aristocratism of the Great British culture and history, a walk through the brilliant premises of the London House of Parliament is the right landmark for you. After doing so, you will realise that this genius piece of architectural art is even more valuable and worth it to be seen than having a vacation in luxury holiday apartments in London.
  • For those of you, who prefer short term rentals in London, we suggest having a lovely dinner in an authentic English pub and then, seeing the large exhibition of the British Museum. Even though you stay in London for a short time, these two activities will give you a complete view of the cosmopolitan European city.
  • Make some savings by choosing cheap short term rentals in London and visit a live performance at the Royal Opera House. Such an experience is able to change your life, so prefer the culture than the comfortableness of one 4-star hotel.

Enjoy the summer and do it in the amazing English capital – London!


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