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Attractive places to visit nearby London

Going to UK must be a dream come true! All those plans with booking the ticket, as well as finding suitable holiday rentals in London, must make you even more excited. However, we’ve noticed a trend that tourists usually book short term rentals in London and stay only in London. We are not sure what this trend is due to. Probably, people are practical and stay nearby their holiday apartments in London – to save time and money. Though, there are plenty of great things you can do outside the British capital. See the attractive places to visit nearby London and consider them for your next trip:

  • Althorp. Why spending the entire day in your boring room from your holiday apartments in London? Don’t do this, but go to the family home of Spencer and Princess Diana. This residence has been occupied more than 5 centuries by the royal family of Spencer. Today it is still one of the most emblematic places across the entire UK – of course, due to the big love for princess Diana.
  • Runnymede. Located nearby the River Thames, this 182-acre water meadow is the big city getaway you need. Being related to Magna Carta and Lady Fairhaven, this sight is a top place to distract from your stifling stay at the short term rentals in London.
  • Hardwick Hall. Situated in Derbyshire, this architectural masterpiece represents the early Renaissance in Great Britain. By the way, most of its shapes, which date from 1601 and being beloved by British dukes, are now transferred to contemporary buildings. Most of them you can now see on the holiday rentals in London.
  • Lacock. This is a small village famous of its unique 14th-century tithe barn, as well as for its local ancient and authentic pub. The pub is claimed to be one of the oldest on the English territory as it originates in the middle of 15th century.
  • Chessington World of Adventures. Settled only 12 miles from London, this is the theme park your kids will fall in love with. It offers rollercoasters, special sections with pirates and geography learning, as well as great events and programs between March and October.

See? UK isn’t only London! There are many things you can do nearby the capital

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