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7 golden rules in finding London accommodation

Going for the first time to London and want to get the most suitable and budget-friendly accommodation? Tired of spending your entire holiday budget for hotels that do not worth it? Or being a part of a dynamic routine, where visits to London are constant parts of your week? No matter what your case is, the following tips will be quite helpful for you. Check out the 7 golden rules in finding London accommodation:

  • Try your friends, relatives or even people you don’t know well. An attempt won’t kill you and who knows, maybe your friends aren’t that scrooge and you will be able to save some money from the expensive holiday apartments in London!
  • Check out for special deals and vouchers. Most of these promotions involve short term rentals in London with accommodation close to popular local sights!
  • Check out the forums in the web. Real people leave real feedback and comments. Do not underestimate their opinions. A good advertisement is business and brings clients in all kinds of holiday rentals in London, but shared views by real tourists can smash it!
  • Browse all the general web sites that are devoted to London visits. You can find hundreds of them in the web and each has a special section Accommodation. One of the best offers are at .
  • Book online! Thus, you will arrange most of the things for your vacation. Besides, online reservations are always for free and sometimes, they are even accompanied with a special discount for the holiday rentals in London.
  • Short term rentals in London should be better booked in a distant neighbourhood. If you want to spend some gorgeous time in a more luxurious atmosphere, you will need to book a hotel in the downtown for at least 1 week.
  • Determine your demands and then, start calling for vacant rooms. Consider all your requirements such as kids, pets, food and entertainment, parking and safe extras, and so on.

Follow these tips before going to London! Have a great time there!

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