Inspiring holiday ideas and things to do during you stay in London

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5 unusual things to do in your first day in London

Ok, the best holiday apartments in London are reserved, the flight ticket is taken and the only thing that is left for arrangement is to make a simple plan for your trip. Naturally, we all know how plans go wrong! Just like with those extra short term rentals in London have slipped away and you have already lost 200 pounds from your holiday! Though, this shouldn’t make you stop doing any plans at all. Determine what you will do in London on the very first day at least. And in case you don’t want to turn your first hours in the British capital into the boring classical story of taking pictures next to the guards and making stupid selfies at The Eye. Instead, check on our ideas for 5 unusual things to do in your first day in London:

  • Stay and rest in your hotel as a king. If you managed to get a wonderful deal for one of the most luxurious holiday rentals in London, why not taking benefits of it? When will be the next time you may sleep in a 4-star hotel, where dinner is served with more utensils than you have in your entire kitchen? Visit the spa centre, have some lovely dinner and rest nicely for the next few days of sightseeing.
  • See whole London in a unique way. If your short term rentals in London are somewhere around New London Architecture, you are lucky. See the panoramic view of the city from the comfy ground and check on the prospective model that literally shows the entire British Capital. Other ways to see whole London is taking a Thames River adventure with a boat or going on a bus sightseeing tour.
  • For those of you, who have chosen cheap holiday rentals in London, spend the saved money on the very first day. Visit the local boutiques and buy yourself a real Chanel bag, skip to a rooftop restaurant with Asian food and finish your great day in casino or an electronic party. Come one, have been to such?
  • Choose a nice stylish umbrella for your stay. As a matter of fact the idea of getting cheaper holiday apartments in London and using the rest of the money for fashion tours is superb! Forget about boutiques this time and get something authentic and practical – an umbrella! You will need it for your stay and it looks like a real London souvenir.
  • Relax with nice reading and great drink in the Hidden Bar. Most tourists prefer to show themselves as soon as they arrive in London, but why making this fuss at all? The British Film Institute has a main Benugo Bar, whose secret door, though, will lead to a stunning Drawing bar, where books and drinks are given for your nice experience. Plus – the authentic aristocratic atmosphere will definitely make you feel as you are in the heart of royal London.

So, what is your favourite weird idea for a first London tour?


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